Essays & Humor:

Dear West Virginia” – Letter to America series,

The Writer Who Fakes It” – Brevity

Guidance Counselor’s Notes: The Marten School for Mustelids Mid-Year Evaluations” – The Museum of Americana

Eulogy for a Marshall County Possum” – Halfway Down the Stairs

“I Take a Pill for This, But I Don’t Think It’s Working” – Erma Bombeck Humor Site

The Game of Cat” – The Higgs Weldon

“The Effectiveness of Feeding a Flock of Leucophaeus atrilla as a Method of Counteracting Querulous Behavior in a 10-Year-Old Male Child” – Defenestration

“The Earwig Emails” – Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine

“Of This Place” – Vandaleer

“Ramps: Feasting on the King of Stink” – Weelunk

“Calamity Ben” – Brain, Child Magazine

“I’m OCD. My Partner’s ADD. Here’s What Happens When We Travel.” – Matador Network

The Modern Victorian Cocktail: History, Family & Balance in a Century-Old Home” – Weelunk


Weelunk Series:

Roberts Ruminates

Autoimmune Series

One Tank Trips

Valley Views & Varmints