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“The West Virginia Brown Dog” – Heartwood

“Country Roads: A Brief Primer” – Dead Skunk Magazine

“To Catch a Craw” – Still: The Journal

“The Imperfect Aquarist” – Bayou Magazine, Issue 73, Listed as a Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2021.

“The Tan Place” – Hippocampus

Dear West Virginia” –

“Of This Place” – Vandaleer

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Select Articles:

“Owls Among Us” – Wonderful West Virginia, December 2021

“Designate It & They Will Come” – Wonderful West Virginia, January 2022

“Furbearers: Tracking, Trapping, & Tradition” – Wonderful West Virginia, January 2022

“What’s In a Fish?” – Wonderful West Virginia, February 2022

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“Mountain Riders” – Wonderful West Virginia, May 2022

“Meet the Natives” – Wonderful West Virginia, May 2022

“Haunted Ohio Valley History: Ghosts of Egypt Valley” – Archiving Wheeling


Mountaineer Media:

“Calling All Birders”

“Rise of the West Virginia Covid Campers”

“The Remarkable Hellbender”

“The Northern Panhandle: We’re Still Up Here”



We Have Rearranged Your Local Grocery Store and We Don’t Give a Fuck What You Think About It” – Defenestration

The Writer Who Fakes It” – Brevity

Guidance Counselor’s Notes: The Marten School for Mustelids Mid-Year Evaluations” – The Museum of Americana

Eulogy for a Marshall County Possum” – Halfway Down the Stairs

“I Take a Pill for This, But I Don’t Think It’s Working” – Erma Bombeck Humor Site

The Game of Cat” – The Higgs Weldon

“The Effectiveness of Feeding a Flock of Leucophaeus atrilla as a Method of Counteracting Querulous Behavior in a 10-Year-Old Male Child” – Defenestration

“The Earwig Emails” – Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine

“I’m OCD. My Partner’s ADD. Here’s What Happens When We Travel.” – Matador Network

“Roberts Ruminates: Boxed In – Weelunk

Roberts Ruminates: Traditions, Toilets, & Trickery” – Weelunk



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“The History of the West Virginia Hot Dog” – January 2020

“Adolescent Mental Illness (Part 2): One Ohio Valley Family’s Struggle” – December 2019

“Adolescent Mental Illness (Part 1): Health Issues On the Rise” – December 2019

“A History of Disaster: How Piedmont Lake and the Muskingum Watershed Lakes Came to Be” – Weelunk

“Petrochemicals and the Ohio Valley” – Weelunk

“Coyotes: Truth, Myth & What We’re Getting Wrong”

The Modern Victorian Cocktail: History, Family & Balance in a Century-Old Home” – Weelunk

“A Progressive Education in Our Backyard: Olney Friends School” – March 2020

Take a Hike, Ohio Valley – November 2020

Series: Roberts Ruminates, Autoimmune Series, One Tank Trips, Valley Views & Varmints